About Us

We run a simple business. We buy cheap and we sell cheap. If there is something wrong with the merchandise, we’ll tell you. If you buy something and you’re not happy with it, we’ll take it back for a full refund*. And we do it pleasantly with no issues.

In brief, we are not trying to trick or deceive you. If you like something we’re offering – Buy It!

If you don’t, we’re still friends – no one will ever try to “sell” or pressure you.
You’re invited to browse to your heart’s content.
If you need some help, just ask a salesperson. You’ll find they’re helpful, courteous, and sometimes knowledgeable.

The Team

David Cope
Grand Puhbah

A natural born deal hunter, David can smell amazing deals from a mile away, and hear about the latest store liquidation with superb clarity. In short, he’s a money saving freak of nature, who likes to share his finds.

Lida Cope
Mistress of Supreme Savings

That’s right, he’s married to the keenest sales and management mind on the planet. Lida wields a price gun like a secret agent and rocks spreadsheets so good, the tax auditors blush. This dynamic duo make for an unstoppable team.

Bruce Wayne
Customer Support

Aside from his scary-good customer service skills, and perchant for some serious cosplay, we don’t know a whole lot about Bruce.